31 Authors Children Love: Marjorie Flack

Oh, do we love Marjorie Flack in our house!

We are all crazy about Angus the Dog. These books get re-read on a regular basis.

Angus is a loveable scamp of a Scottish Terrier. He makes new friends, he has ‘satiable curiosity (as Rudyard Kipling might say), and he sets out on adventures, only to find that home is really best.

The illustrations have a vintage charm (things like a milk-man with a horse drawn carriage play a major role in one story), but the humor is universal.

Books in the Angus series:

Angus and the Cat. Perfectly captures the feeling of a strange newcomer in a home.

Angus and the Ducks. Our little dog friend may be reconciled to the cat that lives in his house, but now there are some new interlopers.

Angus Lost. One of my daughters found this quite enough adventure when she was small. How will Angus get back home? (Fear not, all ends well.)

Other books by this author:

The Story About Ping. This naughty little duckling experiences adventure on the Yangtze River. A favorite of children for several generations now!

Ask Mr. Bear

Here are a few titles that show up on Amazon (we do not own these personally):

Walter the Lazy Mouse Recently reprinted and also available for Kindle.

The Restless Robin

The Boats on the River

The New Pet

Wait for William

These may be out of print, but keep your eyes peeled at used book sales and yard sales!

Other sites about this author or her work:

Do you have a favorite book by Marjorie Flack?

Resources for Readers:

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authors children love: marjorie flack

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  1. We love the Angus books too, especially Angus and the Ducks. I read them to my son over and over. I need to get them out and read them to my daughter.