31 Authors Children Love: Margaret Bloy Graham

Margaret Bloy Graham is better known as an illustrator. In fact, we’ll see her work again later in this series.

My mother enjoyed this book as a child, I loved this story when I was a kid, and now my children love it. (Even if we still don’t really love spiders, at least, not the ones who come inside.)

If you’re a homeschooler who uses unit studies, you really ought to consider reading this one right alongside The Very Busy Spiderand Charlotte’s Web. Spoiler alert: it turns out spiders can be useful (especially in a zoo).

I chose her for this series based on this single title. I think it’s a shame she’s been somewhat overshadowed and forgotten.

Other than Be Nice to Spiders, Margaret Bloy Graham also had a series published about a dog named Benjy:
Benjy and the Barking Bird. A parrot comes to visit and Benjy feels unwanted.

Benjy’s Dog House. What happens when a dog doesn’t want to sleep in a dog house?

Benjy’s Boat Trip

Benjy’s Friend Fifi. Does “The Odd Couple” come to mind?

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authors children love: margaret bloy graham

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