31 Authors Children Love: Lynd Ward

Lynd Ward is not the household name that he ought to be.

He wrote and illustrated one of our favorite stories:

This action packed old-fashioned tale is a winner with boys, although our girls have loved it too.

And he also illustrated another family favorite (we’ve gone through several copies of this one):

My first experience with this story came because it was reprinted in the Childcraft Encyclopedias we had when I was a kid. (It’s the 1964 edition, if you’re wondering.) I remember being scared of the fog in the story, because it looked like a monster enveloping the Little Red Lighthouse. I didn’t own a copy of the picture book until I was an adult.

All that to say: Ward was a fantastic illustrator.

Other sites about this author or his work:

Do you have a favorite by Lynd Ward?

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