31 Authors Children Love: Lois Lenski

Lois Lenski is known for her chapter books such as Strawberry Girl. And she illustrated the beloved Betsy-Tacybooks, too. But the favorite Lenski book in our house is:

Cowboy Small rides the ranges at least once a week around here. This simple cowboy story (and horse named Cactus) has appealed to all our littles.

Honestly, we’ve read it so much that they can “read” it to us now.

“And that’s all, about Cowboy Small,” is ridiculously cute when quoted by a tiny toddler.

Other books like this one:

Policeman Small helps everyone he meets.

The Little Farm. Follows Farmer Small through the year.

The Little Fire Engine. Fireman Small has to, you guessed it, deal with a fire.

The Little Airplane. Pilot Small takes his plane up in the wild blue yonder.

The Little Train. Engineer Small carries cargo and passengers back and forth from the city.

The Little Auto. The dapper Mr. Small deals with the perils of car ownership. (By which I mean a flat tire.)

All of these are on my wishlist for the iBoy. I love the uncomplicated illustrations.

Other sites about Lois Lenski:

Do you have a favorite by Lois Lenski?

Resources for Readers:

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authors children love: lois lenski

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