Weekend Web Wandering – November 12

Wow, what a week. I didn’t vote for either of the two main candidates, but I can tell you that the returns Tuesday night surprised me. (And I’m still trying to catch up on the sleep I lost because my husband couldn’t tear himself away from the spectacle…)

Mostly, I’m thankful it’s over, one way or the other. (Can I get an ‘Amen’?)

Moving on now. (Sort of. There are a few election related links. It’s hard to stop!)
weekly links round-up


  • What Screwtape Actually Said About Politics from The Wardrobe Door. (Dear everyone: please stop misquoting C.S. Lewis, including memes with things he never said, wrote, or possibly, thought. Here’s a website to help. kthanxbai
  • The Best Seller Myth from Every Word Matters. Interesting look at the business side of publishing (specifically Christian books in this case, but it applies more broadly).



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It was a light posting week, due to the election and family stuff. But I did share:

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