31 Authors Children Love: Virginia Lee Burton

from aesop to zion 3

Our favorite:

The reason this is our favorite Burton has a lot to do with The Maestro Classics version: Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel. My girls have listened to this so often we all have it nearly memorized. And our CD copy is almost worn out, so I know we’ll need to get a new one for our boy. He’s sure to love Mike Mulligan and Mary Ann as much as his sisters. (or more)

Other favorites by Burton:

Other sites about Burton:

Do you have a favorite Virginia Lee Burton book?

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  1. My favorite is The Little House, with Katy coming in a close second. I like Mike too, but the girl in me relates to the house the most. Such sweet books. I love them.

  2. I have vivid memories of paging through The Little House when I was young, and watching the happy face turn sad then happy again. I had honestly forgotten about it until I started working at a library and saw it on the shelf one day and the memories came flooding back! I’m looking forward to the other authors you’ll feature. I’m writing about kids books this month too!