Words on Wednesday – God’s Love Language

Quotes can come from unexpected reading. This quote about God’s love language:
god's love language
came from the cookbook / diet book Trim Healthy Mama (Note: I do have some reservations about this book, but this quote caught my eye.)

I know that as a Christian, it’s easy to tell God I love Him. But obeying is where love is put into practice.

Obeying demonstrates whether I trust Him or not. It shows whether I truly believe what He says.

What I’m Reading Now:

nov 12 stack
(forgive the lousy phone pic)

Recent Additions:

I’m reading Careless People right now. I’ve never been a big F. Scott Fitzgerald (or Great Gatsby) fan, but the nonfiction look at his life and most famous book makes for fascinating reading.

The one on the right I ordered after seeing another blogger talk about how much EMDR therapy is helping her. I have a degree in Christian Counseling from a small Bible college, but I wasn’t familiar with EMDR therapy and it sounded quite intriguing. Haven’t started that one yet, though.

Current Kindle Reads:

 Just finished this Tommy & Tuppence mystery: N or M.

They’re not my favorite (I much prefer Poirot or Marple), but they still have the Christie style. At night when I’m tired, a mystery is about all my brain can stretch to. The other books in my stack are for earlier in the day, while I still have brain cells to rub together.

Current Read Aloud:

We just got out all our favorite thanksgiving books. We’ll be reading through those in the next few weeks.

Current Book to Review:

Still working through Fierce Convictions, not because it’s bad but because it’s good. I want to savour it and really think it through. (Spoiler: I will definitely be giving this one a good review.)

What are you reading now?

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  1. I haven’t read it because I share your reservations. I do like the quote, though.

    • I read through it (the whole, giant thing) just last week. Some good thoughts, but those are surrounded by things I just couldn’t agree with.

      • My thoughts as well on THM. I think it’s hilarious that they call it “common sense.” Anything common sense doesn’t need a tome to explain it. :)

        • Yeah – I’m not buying the “not a diet” line when you have to buy multiple ingredients you’ve never heard of (or feel a bit wary of) to make the “lifestyle” work. See: glucomannan, stevia, etc.

  2. My thoughts were similar, Karen.

  3. I tried the THM way of eating, and the weight do start to come off, but I felt like garbage. I didn’t read all their religious stuff though. I am not really sure how eating glaucumann is biblical. I also believe that we have freedom in our food. Gluttony is never good, but we aren’t bound to Levitical law which I found to be heavy in the book. Anyway, there are some good things in there, but you have to plow through pages of not good stuff. Plus, the recipes are so boring! . If you look for lower carb eating on Pinterest you can find much better ideas.

    • I actually hated how the recipes were formatted. Give me a clear list of ingredients, how many people it will feed, and step by step directions, PLEASE.

      One thing that annoyed me was talking about “eating like the Bible says” (no pork, shellfish, etc) but then turning around and pretty much limiting all bread to one or two “sprouted” options and cutting out all honey (which the Bible only ever describes in positive terms). If you’re going to be ONLY Bible based (and strictly Levitical) in your diet, you’re going to have to be consistent.

      I think the not mixing fuels made the most sense to me. I’m being more careful about blindly eating carbs and white sugar, but all things in moderation. We made homemade yeast rolls the other night and you can bet I had one! (I have, however, cut out sandwiches for my lunches, generally speaking.)