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I reviewed one book in March and it was a great one: Women of the Word.

What’s Been Happening:

My husband went on a men’s retreat with our church.

The kids, my mom and I celebrated my Grandpa’s birthday with him (On Pi Day!).

We made it to all of our co-op days. (Despite multiple viruses flying around. One week at co-op we had 12 families out!)

We went to a pajama party at Chick Fil A. (Some of us did not wear our pajamas…)

We visited the Indianapolis Children’s museum when the kids’ grandparents came to visit. (This museum is pretty amazing. If you’re within driving distance you should check it out)

Sidekick and I passed the glucose test (and now we’re seeing the midwife every two weeks).

One of our children stood up to sing with our church’s children choir and got sick in front of everyone part way through the song. (EPIC moment, to say the least)

And I hit my first used curriculum sale of the season. Here’s what I brought home:
march curriculum haul
The deal of the day was definitely the Apologia Zoology 2 book, which I picked up for $5.

The Biology set was $20, which is another great deal. I still have to get the girls the notebooking journals that go along with their studies, but I was quite happy with those deals.

What We’ve Been Watching:

My husband and I went to the movies this month. Yes, a real date night actually happened, with a restaurant and a movie and everything.

The movie was pretty good in a lot of ways, but it was also horribly violent (I covered my eyes more than once). And it was filled with profanity. So, I’m not recommending it, even though we had a good time.

Other than that, it’s been more Great British Bake Off and Poirot for us in the evenings.

The kids got to see Big Hero 6 when their grandparents brought a copy on their visit. The kids watched it twice then.

Grandparents went home, taking the movie with them, but then our library got a copy so the kids were watching it again this morning. I still haven’t seen the entire thing but they are definitely fans.

Another movie I didn’t see, but my husband and girls watched was: The Boxtrolls. They raved about this one too, and several girls have professed the wish to dress up “like Boxtrolls” when the Harvest Party rolls around (in October).

What We’ve Been Listening To:

My husband introduced me to the group First Aid Kit. (Use caution because, much like Mumford and Sons, there’s usually one track on the album we end up skipping due to profanity) I’m not sure how to describe their style, other than Modern Folk meets Retro Sixties, with a dash of ABBA in there too. (The singers are Swedish)

Favorite Books Finished in March:

You can find my review here: Becoming Women of the Word.

The Nightingale stays with you after you finish the last page. Heartbreakingly lovely. I don’t usually write passages from novels into my commonplace book, but several bits of this book are represented there now.

As always, if you’d like to see the complete list of books I’ve finished this year check out this page:

books of 2015
What did your life look like in March?

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  1. Big Hero 6 is awesome! Everyone in our family is a fan! (Although I’ve now seen enough of it to feel pleasantly satisfied for awhile and it’s back on the shelf until some time has passed.)