5 Things Friday: Before Thanksgiving

Five Things Friday: the Before Thanksgiving edition:
before thanksgiving
1. Loved this post from Jen Wilkin and it’s a great reminder before the craziness of the holidays: Choose Hospitality Over Entertaining.

2. If you have to pack for a trip next week, you might enjoy these tips from Putting Me Together: 12 Pieces, 14 Outfits. Ever end up at your destination with nothing you want to wear? These ideas will keep that from happening again. (And if you’re traveling, see my Tips for Traveling with Kids.)

3. Thanksgiving means it’s almost time to address your Christmas cards, for those of us who celebrate Christmas. Which means it’s time to brush up on How to Make Your Last Name Plural (post by Kate Brannen at A Happy Medium). Here’s a hint: you do not need an apostrophe.

Plural names are formed slightly differently from other plurals, but NONE require an apostrophe. You need an “S” or an “ES” and you’re good. She’s made a helpful little chart so you can figure out which of those choices fits your name. SAVE THE APOSTROPHES for when you really need them.

(Like so: “Do not eat this slice of pie. This is Karen’s pie slice that she’s saving for after the children go to bed.)

4. Do you have favorite Thanksgiving books? I’ve shared a few. My top choice for a picture book that makes me nostalgic is Cranberry Thanksgivingbecause it was in our church library when I was growing up and I made sure to read it every year.

5. Thanksgiving doesn’t have a lot of great music, the way some holidays do, although there are some lovely hymns (For the Beauty of the Earth, Now Thank We All Our God, We Gather Together, etc.). But I also love this Bing Crosby song from Holiday Inn. It’s a nostalgia thing:

Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving song? What are your favorite Thanksgiving traditions?

P.S. Posting will be light next week, for the holiday. But be sure to check back on Black Friday because I’ve got a great gift guide for you!

Looking for an alternative to “Elf on the Shelf”? Dayspring has you covered:

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