31 Authors Children Love: Aesop

We’re talking about 31 authors children love from A-Z this October. Which means today we’re focusing on Aesop.

Our favorite copy of Aesop is a beautifully illustrated, hardback copy:

But we actually have several including this inexpensive Dover copy:

Why do children love Aesop’s fables?

The animals. Because they talk. And they have friendships and strained relationships. They often do foolish things. The characters make mistakes. But they also learn lessons.

Children can definitely relate to those experiences. And something about an animal being foolish in a similar way to a child takes the sting out of some of childhood’s difficulties.

Other beautiful copies of Aesop to consider:

Aesop is definitely the “oldest” author I’m sharing with you in this series, with his birth given as c. 620 BC and his death given as 564 BC. Aesop is mentioned by Aristotle, Herodotus, and Plutarch. Some traditions suggest that, if Aesop really lived, he was originally a slave. If that’s true, it’s incredible to think of his stories surviving into our day.

Some sites you might want to check:

Do you have a favorite fable from Aesop?

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