31 Authors Children Love: Sandra Boynton

31 authors children love: sandra boynton

Sandra Boynton has written many board books. But that’s not all: she’s also written some of our favorite songs. (Yes, it’s true!) Her adorable cows, pigs, elephants, and other critters have even inspired some drawings and stories from our own children.

Our favorite book by Sandra Boynton:

(the one we’ve worn out and had to buy new again)

This was the first board book that our oldest daughters memorized. They could “read” the book long before they knew all their letters.

Our Favorite Song Collection:

You can hear one of my children singing the song, “Copycat” at least once a week.

Other favorites from this prolific author:

Other sites about Boynton:

As of this series, this author is still alive and publishing. So keep watching those library and bookstore shelves, because you never know when you might find YOUR family’s newest favorite.

Do you have a favorite Boynton book?

Resources for Readers:
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