31 Authors Children Love: Margaret Wise Brown

Margaret Wise Brown is the beloved author of Goodnight, Moon. The gentle rhythm makes this a favorite choice for bedtime reading.

I don’t actually remember hearing this story as a child. My first memory of “Goodnight Moon” comes from watching ER back in the day. I was babysitting one night and happened upon the show. One of the characters was fighting for custody of a child. And the end of the episode was that doctor rocking her baby (niece, I think) and reading this story.

I honestly don’t remember knowing anything about Margaret Wise Brown before then. We may have owned some of her books, but that’s my first vivid memory related to her.

That was years before I was married or had children of my own. But I made sure to have a copy of this beloved picture book when I brought my first baby home from the hospital. We’ve gone through a few copies since then (and, hooray, it now comes in board book format, too).

Others by Margaret Wise Brown that we own and read on a regular basis:

Home for a Bunny
The Runaway Bunny
The Little Island
Big Red Barn (this has also been released in an updated version, but I’m partial to the vintage illustrations)

Other sites about Margaret Wise Brown:

Do you have a favorite MWB book?

Resources for Readers:

Dover Books

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