Books of 2019 – May

May was not a great reading month around here – it’s just so busy! But I did knock a few off my stack and here’s the list:
march reading
1. The Case of the Love Commandos. Fiction by Tarquin Hall. Another entry in the Vish Puri mystery series. I enjoy these very much.

2. Prairie Fires. Nonfiction by Caroline Fraser. We just finished reading through the Little House books again (minus First Four Years which I don’t count as part of the series). My obsession with Laura Ingalls Wilder ebbs and flows but I thought this was a fairly well handled deep dive (even if it bogs down in places). I didn’t necessarily agree with all the author’s conclusions but I think her interpretation of the Rose vs. Laura question made sense.

3. Spiritual Depression: Its Causes and Cures. Nonfiction by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. This was a slow read from my “spiritual growth” book stack. Classic sermons.

4. Unwanted. Jay Stringer. Heard this author on Family Life Today radio program and my husband and I both read this.

5. Jayber Crow. Fiction by Wendell Berry. I hope no one revokes my classical homeschool mom / Andrew Peterson fan card when I admit that I did not like or enjoy reading this. It was a slog for me the whole time and the only reason I finished it is because so many people I respect seem to love it.

This to me was like the “At Home in Mitford” series with a thick layer of philosophy and then yet another layer of depression over the top. If you believe there was a moral benefit to farming with mules instead of tractors, this may be the book for you. Also, I have to say, I think the title character is fairly creepy. But we can still be friends if you love this book. And I will admit that it forced me to think a lot (maybe ruminate is the right word?), even after I finished it.

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