Anniversary Words

core of peace
This quote is from Elizabeth Goudge’s Island Magic. I loved the first part of this novel, although I felt like the plot got away from the author in the middle and end sections. (Which is not unusual in a first novel and I do not mean it as a terrible criticism. I just didn’t love the middle and end as much as the first part resonated with me.)

Rachell and Andre du Frocq may be fictional characters but their marriage is Real. Goudge manages to depict two characters who love each other fully, misunderstand each other frequently, and battle through the highs and lows of life (including five children!) together. The setting is long ago, but the Story is not.

(Why this bonus quotation? Today is our 17th wedding anniversary!)

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  1. We’re anniversary twins!

    6-19-99 for us, too!

    Hope yours was fantastic!