31 Authors Children Love: Lois Ehlert

Lois Ehlert is the author and illustrator of several bright, colorful books:

Eating the alphabet is a fun way to learn the alphabet. (And it might inspire an impromptu trip to the grocery store. Because even better than reading about eating the alphabet would be ACTUALLY eating the alphabet, right?)

Ehlert’s books inspire a good art session.

You can break out the paints or markers, or you could cut scraps of colored paper, and make your own alphabet books. Imitating the work of an artist is a great way for children to try new techniques.

Great for Non-Readers, Too

These also make good choices for young or non-readers because all they need to do is identify what is on the page. The bright colors and shapes are a feast for the eyes.

Others titles by Ehlert:

And she illustrated (though she didn’t author) the beloved:

Other sites about Ehlert:

You can find many activities inspired by Ehlert on Pinterest, too many to list here. But I’ve saved several ideas to this board:

Do you have a favorite book by Ehlert?

Resources for Readers:

Dover Books

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