2014 In Review: Top 10 Most Popular Posts

2014 was an exciting blog year for me. I opened this new WordPress blog, made some new online friends, and began the move from hobby blogger to…well, something else.
top 10 posts 2014

Here are the Most Popular Living Unabridged posts in 2014:

first world war books

10. Books About the First World War for Teens and Kids. I put this list together in honor of the 100th anniversary of the start of “The Great War.”

9. Words on Wednesday: A Book Formed Soul. This was an entry in the “Words on Wednesday” linkup hosted by my blog friend Dawn. If you blog about books or reading, you should consider linking up!

from aesop to zion 3

8. 31 Authors Children Love (My first attempt at a 31 days series. This was a lot of fun to research.)

7.  One Simple Way to Bring History to Life (one of my first iHN posts)

not just books

6.  Not Just Books: A Book Lover’s Gift Guide (I had so much fun putting this one together!)

5. 9 Tips for Traveling With Kids

4. Why We Ditched Storytime (And Why We Went Back)

save a bad day square

3. 3 Simple Ways to Save a Bad Day

2. Plot Twist (Where my life didn’t go the way I planned, but I’m excited anyway)

And the most popular post, by far, was:

4 things children don't need sq

1. 4 Things Children Don’t Need. This one has been shared like crazy. It’s been fun to hear about what other people think kids really need.

Because many of you are new readers, here are a few of my most popular posts from my former blog home Candid Diversions. You can find them here now:

1. 31 Realities of Life for an INTJ Female. My most popular post of all time at my former blog home.

2. INTJ Mom / ESFP Daughter: Teaching Each Other

3. INTJ Knowledge Collecting

Did your favorite Living Unabridged post make the list?

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