Weekend Web Wandering 2020 Volume 8

Hello link loving friends!

Hope you are all still keeping on through these strange times. We’ve kept up with our quarantine routine fairly well, although there were a few days when I just did not have the motivation to “do school” with the youngest kids. So they played snap circuits and explored outside and built elaborate things with Legos and pored over nature books and wrote their own French dictionaries (copied from an Usborne book).

In other words, the kids are fine and yes, they’re still learning. (And in other news, the iBoy is SEVEN now. Which is just unbelievable!)

My own emotions have been all over the place. I like to examine feelings and / or emotions dispassionately and label them accurately. But sometimes they’re such a mix of tangled circumstances and thoughts it takes a while.

But that makes it sound worse than it is. Because most days flow along while we make new memories and make the best of everything else.

Anyway, all that to say, if you’ve experienced something similar, you are not alone.

Now, for the links!
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Now, as promised, a list:

Toys That Are Getting My Kids Through Quarantine

(yes, these are affiliate links)

  • Legos. Always and forever. You can never have too many (according to my husband and children). Start with a basic set when your kids are small and before you know it you will have thousands of the things.
  • Snap Circuits. We started with this Classic set. It’s pricey, but worth it. We’ve added to it over the years. There are smaller, less pricey options you could try first.
  • Play-Doh. Obviously, you can make dough at home. But you might not want to use your flour supply on that right now. Anyway, the joy of this is in the accessories. We have a bin full of rollers, cutting tools, cookie cutters, etc. that we’ve collected over time. I’m not a huge fan of this but it makes the list because it kept the four youngest busy for hours one day last week.
  • Paper Dolls. Now, I linked to one Little House set, but this works best if you (the mom) have collected a lot of various sets over the years. But if you haven’t, go ahead and start now. Our two middle girls (13 & 9) stay busy with these for entire afternoons.
  • Wooden Train Tracks. We started with a basic figure 8 set when our oldest was little. Now we have enough to take over the living room and branch down the hallway. Honestly, the kids will ignore these for a while and then they’ll go through a phase of playing them for days on end. The fun is in the “special” pieces like bridges and tunnels. I don’t know how long these will be a favorite but my seven year old son did praise my “track building skills” the other day so I’ll probably keep some on hand forever so I can demonstrate said skills for my grandchildren…

We have lots of other toys (too many!) but those are the things that I’ve seen out the most in the past six weeks. Along with all the random arts & craft supplies, of course.

So, we move into May. We’re hopeful we might actually get to see some friends in person this month and we’ve got lots of birthdays and special things to celebrate.

Stay well, friends!

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