Weekend Web Wandering 2021 – Volume 2

Ready for a true hodge-podge of links? Then let’s get to them!
weekend web wandering

I haven’t seen WandaVision (we’re taking a break from Disney+ for a bit), but I liked this essay: ‘WandaVision’ and the Strange Allure of Avoiding the Truth from Relevant.

If it’s about Jane Austen, you can bet it catches my eye: What Jane Austen Can Teach Us About Resilience. (Plenty!)

Poignant: Growing My Faith in the Face of Death by Tim Keller.

Reading While Not Black by Doug Ponder at CT definitely added some titles to my “must read” list.

I have misused this phrase myself, and don’t necessarily agree with everything in the article, but it’s thought-provoking: The Invented History of ‘The Factory Model of Education’ by Audrey Waters.

I have tried to like or appreciate Flannery O’Connor but…it hasn’t worked for me, despite repeated attempts. But this made me LOL anyway: Flannery O’Connor Absolutely Ruins Your Favorite Stories from Childhood from McSweeneys.

Another great piece from McSweeneys (language warning): Help, I Live in a Quiet English Village Where Nothing Ever Happens!

In my younger years Notting Hill was one of my favorite rom-com’s. Maybe this is why: Notting Hill is a Rom-Com About the Joy of Staying at Home.

For those of us who did not receive a classical education growing up, we first learned about classical music from…yes, from cartoons. This Twitter thread will help you identify those pieces that Bugs Bunny et. al. first played for us.

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