52 Family Game Nights: Qwirkle

Well, have you started making family game night happen? Have you dusted off an old pack of cards or a once beloved board game? Have you started adding new games to your collection?

This week’s choice is one of my all time favorites.
qwirkle game night

Family Game Night #3: Qwirkle

Qwirkleis a game for the entire family. Even young members of the family can play because there’s no reading required.  The simple tiles are just shapes and colors. There are six color and six shapes and you’re trying to earn points by making lines of these colors and shapes.

The rules are simple, but the strategy can be deep. There are three of each tile (for a total of 108) and wondering if you’ll draw that red starburst you need to make a “Qwirkle” can have you on the edge of your seat. And don’t forget the strategies for making sure you don’t set up a Qwirkle for someone else.

The tiles are wood and have a lovely feel. You may find your players stacking their tiles in towers or other buildings before they play them. (Or maybe that’s just us.) This is a great choice of game if you decide to play something without keeping score. The fun of laying tiles and making patterns might be enough for certain evenings.

You can usually buy a copy for less than $25. That’s a great deal for a game that will be played over and over again.

There’s a travel edition too:

This is a favorite for us and gets pulled out often (as you can probably tell from the shape of our box).

Summary of Qwirkle:

Number of Players: 2-4 (but we often play with more, simply choosing fewer tiles)

Recommended Ages: 6 and up (but we’ve played with children as young as 4)

Reading required? No.

Do you have a favorite game for the entire family? It may be on my list for an upcoming week, but it may not so let’s be sharing those game ideas in the comments.

52 family game nights
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