Words on Wednesday – Obstacle to Discovery

Here we are on Wednesday again! Here’s a quick look at my current book stack and what I’m reading now.

Here’s a quote from my commonplace book:

I liked this reminder. We stop exploring and asking questions when we think we know the answers. One of the best things about kids is just how very curious they are about every little thing.

Recently Finished:

1. Death and the Butterfly. Fiction by Colin Hester. Never did grow on me. The author is a poet, which may explain why the plot never came together and the characters never really came to life? Occasionally the style intrigued me but it just never…worked for me. Despite my lackluster reaction, if you’re interested in giving it a chance, it’s pretty inexpensive for Kindle right now.

2. Raising Boys by Design. Nonfiction by Gregory Jantz and Michael Gurian. Definitely recommend! I was reading this one on my Kindle via our library and I returned it and then immediately checked it out for my husband to read too.

Currently Reading:


The Department of Sensitive Crimes. A newer series from Alexander McCall Smith is always going to catch my attention.


Still slowly reading through The Body Keeps Score by Bessel van der Kolk.

Bonus nonfiction:

I’ve also started Weird by Olga Khazan. Because it’s good to have multiple choices when I get a chance to sit down to read. (Honestly, this does not happen as often as it used to. And also, when I read at night, I am much more tired than I used to be and likely to fall asleep. Oh, well.)

Current read aloud:

We will finish D’aulaires’ Book of Norse Myths tonight. We haven’t decided what our next evening read aloud will be, but it will probably be something that goes along with our history studies.

Bonus read aloud:

Philip has been reading Homer Price to the boys. Our boys (7 & 5) are just now starting to enjoy longer chapter books for read alouds at bedtime. They still love picture books the best. And that’s fine, because there are a lot of great picture books.

What are you reading now?

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