Favorite Free Resources for Teaching Math

Math can be a dry subject. For those of us who don’t necessarily enjoy Math for its own sake, we need all the help we can get in keeping the review from getting tedious. Here are few of my favorite resources I’ve used over the years:
Math can be a dry subject. Here are some free resources to make it fun (or at least bearable)!

Online Games for Review or Fun

  • Fun 4 the Brain. Even our 3 year old enjoys this site. Many different games for addition through division.
  • Think Fun. This company has produced some of our favorite logic board games but they have a few games available to play online for free.
  • Starfall. Primarily a phonics and reading site (one of our favorite sites ever!) but they also have a few free math games. There are more math resources for subscribers, but I’m not one so I can’t testify to their quality.
  • Math Practice. You can choose the operation and the numbers from 0 to 12. It’s timed but a child may prefer this to writing out the answers on a time sheet.

Printable Worksheets and Flashcards

Help with Algebra

  • Algebra Worksheet Generator from Math . com with an option to create an answer sheet with it.
  • Mathway Math Problem Solver. Will solve your Algebra equation (also solves many other types of problems up to and including Calculus and Statistics . You might not want to show the kids this site!

Books About Math

Other Resources

  • Free Online Graph / Grid Paper. You never know when you might need some. (For our handwriting challenged children, we have them use graph paper to keep their numbers and columns neat while solving equations.)
  • Homeschool Math has worksheets, lessons, curriculum planners, videos and links to games.
  • Living Math! is a great site with lists for books that teach math concepts naturally, among other things. Lots of inspiration here!
  • Math Geek Mama has lots of great printables, book lists, teaching ideas, and more to help equip parents to teach math.

One of our favorite ways to supplement our math curriculum is with the Life of Fred Books. How does this qualify as a free resource? We can order them from our library. I was thrilled when we discovered that. So, remember to check your library when there’s a homeschool resource you’re wanting to try: you might be surprised. (Although, in our case, our daughters have loved Fred so much we’re going to end up buying some anyway.)

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention CTC Math. It isn’t free, but it’s more affordable than some Math curriculum and it may be a good fit for your family, just like it is in ours.

What are your favorite resources for teaching or enriching Math?
free resources for teaching math
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