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Free for Summer: Stop the Summer Slide

Do you take a summer homeschool break? Or do you homeschool year-round but take a little extra time off in the summer months? Here’s a fantastic resource for you – completely free – to try this summer. You can watch some educational videos (perfect for rainy days!) You can find math or science activities or new art lessons. Take some online music classes. Have your child learn computer programming. And for mom: try an online planner for free.

With our new baby, I’ve had to change our usual summer homeschool schedule. We won’t be hitting the books as much. Mom won’t be available for as many read-alouds. And even with lots of playing outside and family activities planned, I know there will be plenty of “Mom, we’re bored” type comments. I need a few tricks and new things up my sleeves to maintain my sanity (and theirs).

No, I’m not going to have my kids inside all summer watching videos and doing computer programming, but, let’s face it: some days are too hot to be out all day. And some days are too stormy. And then there are the kids who just need something to do away from their siblings (or maybe that’s just in our family.) For those times, these resources could be just the ticket.

So, which activity will your kids most appreciate? (Did I mention this is all free, thanks to some great sponsors?!)
FREE for the Summer











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What are your favorite ways to stop the “Summer Slide?”

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